A few testimonials from our customers …

“We have been selling Beaver Creek Feed at our feed store for awhile now. More and more customers are looking for non-GMO feeds for their animal. Our sales have increased in this area thanks to BCF. They have helped us with signage/banners/special orders. We have customers driving 50+ miles one way just to get their feed. A GREAT ASSETT to the products we offer.”

Bob Cotton, Manager, Gordon’s Feed and Pet, Rogersville, MO

I’ve enjoyed dealing with the friendly people at Beaver Creek Feed. They are knowledgeable about their products. Our animals are doing well with with non-GMO dairy feed that we purchase for milk/nurse cows. We like the idea of knowing that good feed is going into our animals so that good milk is coming out. Thanks!

– Debbie

“We have noticed increased health both in our hogs’ coats and in their weight gain since using Beaver Creek Feed. It takes less feed to get the same result. After using Beaver Creek Feed, and then going back to conventional feed, our hogs refuse to eat it!”


Beaver Creek Feed has been available since we started our poultry business. Our customers love their eggs.”